In this view SPLENDOR is laying sideways with the left portion being the top.  I photographed it on my living room carpet.  My camera is not the greatest.  The next photo shows how it will hang.  (Be sure to use the back button to return to this page.   SOLD  6/26/11.


click an image below to see greater detail.

Roundabout is one of my favorite quilts, and it’s fun to make.  I love creating circular designs because the circle to me symbolizes unity  and beckons you to be drawn into the work.  The earthtone fabrics I’ve chosen for this quilt are combined to create a sophisticated and warm, yet subtle sense of drama.  The Lonni Rossi fabric in the bottom right circle is a beautiful work of  art in itself.  I never pass up her fabrics.  I have added beads, glass, metal, and stone.  Although some of my images are somewhat blurred,  I did manage to capture a good image of the Picasso Jasper stone in the center of the left-most reddish circle.  I will attempt to update pictures this weekend.




38″ X 32.5″

All cotton fabrics.

Glass and stone beads.

Genuine Buffalo Horn pipe beads.

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