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2015-09-10 12.46.51 Bird in the Hand Blue Pear Dizzy and her sisters Dresses blue Dresses purple Flying Solo Half a Pair Inner Strength Kayaks for sale Migration Mornings song Pair plus 1 TCA_0577 TCA_0578 TCA_0579 TCA_0580 TCA_0581 TCA_0582 TCA_0583 TCA_0584 TCA_0585

Royal Pears

Blue Pears made smaller for Etsy 1_edited-1Royal Pears

 ponies resized ex large 1000 pix 400 resolution         ponies center crop 800 x 300

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Minnetonka Center for the Arts
November 13 – December 23, 2014
Laura H. Miles Gallery    2240 North Shore Drive    Wayzata MN
Grand Opening on November 13, 6 – 9 p.m.

I took these photos with my cellphone and you can see the sun streaking through the door onto the quilts.  The borders are a little wonky due to my camera angles without a tripod.

christmas stockings christmas stocking 2 christmas stocking3 christmas stocking4 

August Birds Baby Dresses blue border Baby Dresses small pink Four birds gold writing Grain with batik Grain with red IMG_0108 IMG_0109 Leaves with coffee words Metropolitain Bird Song Pink Baby Dresses with Bird


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